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May 05, 2008



That really is alot to be thinking about and concerned about. I can understand the limbo!!! I sure hope you are able to negotiate your summer with the kids!


You know we are very proud of what you have accomplished, and we have faith that the next phase of your business life will also be rewarding and successful. Just send the kids to us for the summer! :)

libby @ ninesandquines

good luck! i can imagine what you're going through! we've changed our business plan three times in the past week :-) now looking at an existing business instead of starting from scratch. yikes!


Congratulations on your business accomplishment and good luck! By the way, I'm a big fan of British chick-lit...I've always wanted to use the word 'bollocks' but somehow can never find the time/place to use it, LOL! Glad to see it in your posting;o)


Heh, I'm reading "Watermelon" by Marain Keyes (Irish) so I'm with you on the accent.

I went back to a full time office job after SIXTEEN years. It is a tough transition, but you'll figure it out.


congrats on the changes...It's more part time for me, but going back to school was difficult in the area of the kiddos, not spending the time I was used to...not having the same relationships with the other stay at home was a transition, but it was worth it because there are such rewards too



It'll all work out. We're in the middle of something similar, but it means hubby staying home and me going out to work for a while. I'm so not ready for THAT! I'm the stay at home Mom, er person here.

Oh, sorry this is about you! Hugs and good luck. It will all work out..I said that right? It's TRUE!


Good luck in your new endeavor! Hope everything works out wonderfully.

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