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May 08, 2008



SIGH! Instead we have Crazy Patty who doesn't do yard work.

Chi Chi

Can I come in as the second greatest neighbor with a trampoline and fire pit? Nope, doesn't count does it? I am thrilled SQ is in the hood too. :o)


I love good neighbors! I miss my neighbors!


YOU are not kidding. You are lucky!!! I have Gladys Kravitz as a neighbor peeking out her window just looking for something to rat on me to the HOA about. ug. I like to mess with her, though. ;) that brings me some enjoyment.

Happy Mother's Day my friend!


The only thing better than having a pool is having neighbors with a pool. The same can be said for a puppy! Congrats!


Since I know your neighbor, I'm delighted to hear all this newsy stuff about her and her family. Would it be too obvious if, when I'm in the neighborhood visiting, I ALWAYS have my bathing suit on, "just in case?" I'm thrilled for them about the baby, and, of course, for YOU, about their pool! :}

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