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July 08, 2008



My guy leaves for the first time on August 8th. Let me know if eveything comes home folded. I figure my guy will wear the same thing every day he's there.


One of childhood's big milestones! I always mailed things before they even LEFT so they would have something waiting ;)


Well, this grandmother is close to tears! You have prepared him well, and not just with the pressed clothes and other things. He is such an interesting and interested little guy that I am confident he will do very well and be counting the days until next year's camp. What a milestone--one more indication that he's growing up. I guess we wouldn't want it any other way, but couldn't the time go a little more slowly?! Hang in there, Mom. He'll be home soon with lots of tales.

Daddy Forever

You're a great mom. Me? Not so nice. I still have my kids chained to me.


Wow, how amazing!! I hope it all goes well for both of you! I loved and hated camp, and my kids haven't ever asked to go, Thank God!!!!! I probably would have absolutely loved camp if I had a letter from my parents and even more if I received care packages, that is sosoooo cool! You are a great mom!

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