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September 22, 2008



New Diva -- I absolutely agree -- keep the politics out of it. You make me glad I didn't bother to watch.


Ugh, worst awards show ever. The "hosts"? Please.


I couldn't agree more! I groaned out loud so many times while watching it that my husband thought I was sick! It annoys me to no end that political things are always said at these things! The only thing that I would allow to being said was a simple, "go out and vote!"

Really, there should be a separation of politics and award shows!

Also...what was Alyssa Milano thinking?!?!


I didn't see it, but I agree with all three points you made. And oh yes, Alyssa Milano needs to be sent a full length mirror big time!


I don't quite get how celebrity grants one instant political expertise? That one still baffles me. Ironic that the only gracious participant is a man in his eighties.


I fell asleep in the first 1/2 hour. How sad is that?

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