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October 20, 2008


Jules from The Roost

LOL! That is SO funny!

The Eastsider

Love it!!! He has a talent!


That was awesome - he's quite the talented rap star! Yo!


Yo, Dude--he sho has got da stuff. Must have taken a lesson from Gangsta Tommy, sho nuff. Great laugh for a Monday is da ting, but not sure for an invitation it has the right ring!

libby @ ninesandquines

hysterical! and so is your mom's response!!!! she's got it goin' on, eh?


Love, love, love it. Thanks for the smile.


What that sound? Is that Hallmark calling?

Verrrrry creative and cute. :)

Daddy Forever

Maybe you can do a rap and post the video on YouTube.


I have a baby shower coming up. Is your husband available for freelance work?

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