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October 23, 2008



Hang in there, you will get this! And the parties, good parties come together last minute! You can do all this, I am sure of it!!


Honey, none of us has ANY idea what we're doing. You'll do great with EVERYTHING. Hugs.

Jules from The Roost

The home room mom days.....I remember well. My kids were always so proud that I was there. Take a deep breathe and face it head on....with a prayer :)


You are ambitious - and I know you will succeed.


It's just b/t us girl, but I really think you're going to kick some major booty. ppanic sschmanic.


ooooh so there with you...had my first clinical the other day for this semester, they had me follow a nurse who had just the end of the day she was asking ME questions...totally freaked out by the end of the day!

i'm impressed, new career and room mom...i'm feeling guilty that i volunteered for paper plates for our first class party..

hang in there!

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