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December 09, 2008


libby @ ninesandquines

:-) my old envoy would do that every now and then....until i put two 50 lb. bags of sand in the back....then gave the sand to the neighbors in the summer for their kids' sandbox...

Jules from The Roost

We haven't had a heavy snow yet but we are in for our first tonight. I use it for an excuse not to drive though ;)

Tired Mama

Hmmm. That would be my suggestion too, load up the back with sand or kitty litter or something.

Oh, I've got it! A few cases of WINE should have it steady in no time. :) You'll have to keep refilling it though. I mean, you've got to be safe, right?


Don't worry. Global warming will soon solve your problem.

Daddy Forever

Be glad you don't drive a mini-van. We don't have chains so we have been stuck at home because of the snow.

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