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January 08, 2009



Congratulations! You have hereby inspired me to begin lurking around preschools for similar compliments!

Helen Wright

That is AWESOME!!! Take it what ever way you get it!!!

Jenny from Chicago

You kill me. Lot's of people mistake you for a high schooler every day...of course most of them are talking to you on the phone. Kidding.

I gave you an award today check it out.


Hee Hee Hee. I can do one better. Someone asked me about my sister the other day...they meant my 14 yr old teen.

Okay, he was like 94 but if you can use a 4 yr old.... :)


That IS awesome. Congrats.


I know exactly how you feel! I was walking on the golf course with my junior golfer last year, and one adorable, obviously highly intelligent young man told my son later, "I saw you walking around the course with your sister!"
Yes! Granted he did view me from a distance. Okay, it was quite a distance, but it still counts!

Jules from The Roost

Tee heee heee! That is great!

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