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February 10, 2009


The Eastsider

Yes, Facebook. It is interesting and very addicting. I'm actually enjoying reconnecting with people.


These were great! And I too am a big Facebook fan. I got tagged for the 25 things but I cheated and picked out 25 from my 100 things about me when I did that post a year ago.


Facebook is a frontier I have yet to venture out to. I joined, but then found myself "friends" with people I barely knew (for good reason) so i unjoined for now anyway.
I like your meme! I was painfully shy too, but I found that because I had to stick my neck out and become involved in my kids' activities, I managed to shed much of the shyness. But speaking in front of 150000! Whoa!


We are very similar. As for that novel, I'll share mine with you one day if you'll share yours with me. But isn't that too scary for words!?

Oh and #12 and 13...oh, sooo sooo me too! :)

Helen Wright

We could SO be BFF's!!!!

Daddy Forever

I'm shy too, but only because I'm in the witness protection program and I have to maintain a low profile. That's why I also can't join Facebook.

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