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February 23, 2009



I LOVED Kate Winslet's dress, and I HATED Tildy Swinton's blouse and skirt(!)

I could only last a minute or so past the Hugh Jackman number at the beginning, but IT was great! Then the FIRST person receiving a statue started to speak, and I realized why I don't watch this show. :(


Yep. Yep and yep. Someone had a pink dress on too. It looked nice. Doesn't that narrow it down? :)


First, let me say I did not watch one minute of the Oscars either. But I did look at the pictures of the so-called stars on-line. Wow, do I agree with you on the guy! How bad is that! I'd ask who he is, but who cares. I did not like Kate Winslet's dress. The reporter on Fox News said there were lots of pastels this year, and then she proceeded to show none of them!

libby @ ninesandquines

mickey rourke probably can only wash his hair once a week otherwise his hair plugs will fall out :-) i agree with you on jen...she is one class act and did you notice that angelina acted as if she was sitting next to a stranger during the entire show? she never once looked over at the, even when his name was announced for his category....

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