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March 12, 2009



I am totally appalled by the "creative" ways governments come up with ways to tax us. GPS, so they can tax our miles--I had not heard that one. And, you're right, we already pay for water coming in. Going out?--you've got to be kidding. What ever happened to budgeting, finding ways to cut expenses, living within your means. Once a tax, always a tax--they never take it back. It's depressing!

Can't dig a soul patch--thus, I'm another sane person in your extended household. Ditto on the eating in the locker room--both the venue and the menu.

Expired soap? Who knew!


Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been a lurker rather than a contributor to yours, but an admirer non the less. You are a breath of fresh air, and I need that.

My blog won't be nearly as much fun as yours, and undoubtedly won't be as popular either! A bit ponderous perhaps.

Can't wait to see you all over Labor Day weekend!

("both the venue and the menu"? Now I know how you came to be so clever! It was inherited!)

Jules from The Roost told me a lot I didn't know! Have a great weekend!


Hmmmmm, is right.

I've seen those 'uncrustables' things on TV but thank goodness they haven't made it to Canada yet. I eat in my car after I work out if I'm running tight on time, it wouldn't occur to me to eat in the locker room either. Ewwww.

As for the politicians...nothing to say, just a sigh. :)


I think I'm glad I don't live in Illinois. And who the hell eats in a locker room?


You know I would shave it off in a heartbeat if your mother would let me. And who would know me? Certainly not my kids and gfrandkids who have never seen me without the stache.


Daddy Forever

Speaking of facial hair, I don't understand why my kids feel the need to yank on my stubbles. Ouch!

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