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April 23, 2009



I feel so honored with your wonderful comments about me and my blog. I am seriously blushing. Have fun with the spring cleaning! And enjoy the awesome weather that is coming your way. (Encourage it to keep traveling east, would ya?)


Ergh. I have to do this too. I will soon, I promise. :) For now I'll just enjoy your clean house/blog.


Thanks!!! Right back atcha' Babe!!!

What a great idea...I've been so proud of myself for NOT having to spring clean due to my new organizational ways (and a cleaning lady every 2 weeks - sssshhh) never thought about the blog!


My beautiful niece! Thanks for the very kind and loving remarks about me and my blog. I'm chagrined that I didn't read "Spring Cleaning" until this morning.

I have been away from my blog too long but finally added an entry last night and realized that I hadn't checked your blog for a while. I love your blog. It is fresh, witty, clever, and makes me feel more a part of your life by knowing what's going on with one of my most favorite young families. I am so proud of you.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my blog referenced on yours, and in such a nice way. It shows how nice you are.

I love you. Can't wait to see you all at the lake!


So where are you? Has Mt. Laundry swallowed you up or did the spring cleaning do you in? Check back, you're missed!

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