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April 02, 2009



Skylar is all you have said and more. I am blessed to be his grandmother, and I was blessed to be there when he was born. He has been a source of constant joy, some mischief :), and tons of fun. I love his inquisitiveness, his sense of adventure, his sweetness, his love of family. I have faith that with his upbringing he has strength of moral value which will guide him as he grows. I wish him the happiest of birthdays and many many more.


Dear New Diva,

First, thanks for your comments and support of my blog. Very much appreciated.

Happy Birthday to that bright and beautiful 11 year old young man! I said, when I was having children, that what I wanted most, after 10 fingers and 10 toes of course, was the trait of inquisitiveness. Good for him!

If I didn't already know that you are, and always will be, the mom he needs, I would know with certainty from your words and prayer above. I don't doubt that you will meet your, and your children's, challenges with wisdom and grace because I so clearly see that in you, though it is often difficult to see it in one's self. I am so very proud of you. You embody the best of responsible, loving motherhood. That's what makes you as beautiful inside as you are on the outside.

Sincerely, from one of your not-so-secret admirers,



Skylar is a delight. I love being around him and appreciate the fact that he is growing by leaps & bounds. Someday he might be able to lose to me at kadima like his dad.

Is there any way you can keep his sweet little sister from growing up? I love her just the way she is.

Aunt Vicki

Happy Birthday, terrific and smart young Skylar! He's only been on this earth for 11 years and look at all he has accomplished!

Eleven is a wonderful age and does seem to be the beginning of a new "phase" in a child's life. Skylar is most definitely a special young boy and I treasure any time I get to spend with him and with his family!

As for you, sweet B. You are truly a wonderful Mom and I love the way you interact with, teach, and love your children! You are a such a good mother to both of them. If only more children could benefit from the same kind of intelligent mothering, respect, and tenderness you and Tori show your little ones.
With my love and admiration,
Aunt V.


What a wonderful post about your handsome son! To me, this is one of the things that is wonderful about blogging -- someday as an adult he will be able to read what you have written about him on your blog, and will know how fortunate he was to have a mom (and dad, of course) who loved him so much and always encouraged the best in him!

Happy Birthday, Skylar!


SUCH a handsome boy!!! Happy Birthday....enjoy!

Helen Wright

Happy Birthday!!!

ooohhh the talk!! I remember getting it from my father, with my mother present. YUCK!
My husband is still waiting for the talk. When we were telling the family that we were pregnant with G I told him when he finishes he should turn to his father and say, "how did that happen by the way?".

Ken C

Happy belated birthday to your son. Just two more years until the teenage years starts. Good luck.

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