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May 27, 2009


libby @ ninesandquines

i have NEVER had wavy/frizzy hair...and for SOME reason, it has now decided to wave (i.e. NOT follow the styling to try to make it submit to) AND frizz! oh yeah, and the gray hairs are really coming in now...i've had to stop pulling them because i now have little white anttenae sticking up on top of my head!!! clairol here i come!


That really IS one of the advantages of getting "a little" older -- you become (or at least I did)more comfortable with who you are. :)


I have the opposite humididty problem - I have to deal with my inner limpness. Sheesh.


I have the opposite problem with humidity - dealing with my inner limpness. Sheesh.

The Eastsider

I'm with Fannie. This weather, I can't even get a curl to hold. I have your attidude, oh well!


I am much richer for having you in my life. As for hair, I'm grateful that at my age I have so much of it.


Oh my gosh, is that a photo of me at the top of your blog? Hello summer! Right there with ya!


Just came across your blog and I can totally relate. Not so much with fluffy hair - but with the fact that as I, too, am becoming less concerned about my appearance with age. Don't get me wrong - I still take care of myself, but it is liberating to realize that NO ONE FREAKIN CARES that you are 3 weeks late in getting your eyebrows waxed, or whatever!

Glad to know that you are sticking around (since I just found your site via momontherun)


Helen Wright

I'm jealous of your fluff/frizz!!! I would kill for it!! Much better than flat and straight! You always want what you don't have...

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