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October 07, 2009


libby @ ninesandquines

:-) too cute! and happy b'day to your grandma....i, too, know she's with you always....


It's so important to laugh! Very sweet blog. Glad, too, that you're back blogging--we have missed you! I'll never forget singing Happy Birthday to Grandma at your beautiful wedding. She was very touched, as were we all.


Happy Anniversary! May God bless you will many more happy, healthy years together!


Happy 14th! And it's nice that you'd do it all over again.


Congrats - Happy Anniversay!


Happy Anniversary! I don't know how I lost following you, but I am back!! Wow, I feel the same way about Twitter and FB! Honestly, I haven't tried Twitter but I love my FB!
Anywho, congrats on your anniversary!!!


Merry Christmas! I hope the fact that you haven't been posting means that you life is full of fun, exciting happenings!

Love to you and your family.




Happy Anniversary! I too am married to my best friend and he makes me laugh all the's a wonderful feeling and I'm happy for you that you have that!


okay, it's been that long since i've blogged, i just noticed that your last entry was from 2009 :D hope all is still okay with you..and guess i haven't missed much in the last year of not blogging myself :D

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